Pari Pari «Obsession»

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The new video by the french garage poppers Pari Pari that jumps over the fine line between love and “Obsession” before it becomes an insuperable crevasse.

The smart singer LeBon gets wankered in a cheap gin palace. Letting himself being carried away by the euphemistic wave of alcohol to his corybantic world of phantasy where the spray of a booming sea of sweat and intrusiveness hits the overstrained bar hottie.

“Obsession” is the second single from the upcoming debut LP “La Grande Nation”.

Pari Pari «Tour de France»

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We present the new video “Tour de France” by the french garage-pop band Pari Pari. Un, deux, trois, quatre, sinq, six, neuf, dix… Down for the count with the tumbling rest of the world! Pari Pari in top form. LeBon, Dominique and Madame TuTu push the boundaries of the possible. Musically, physically, aesthetically.

“Tour de France” is the first stage on their way to the debut-LP “La Grande Nation” coming out on January the 31st, 2014.

Lamosiqa – Pari Pari
acoustic live trilogy

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Zitat La Mosiqa: “Oh là là, c’est magnifique! Mit Pari Pari haben wir wohl eine der außergewöhnlichsten und interessantesten Bands getroffen, seitdem die deutsch-französische Freundschaft besteht. Und so besonders war auch unsere Session mit ihnen!

Pari Pari – live at Schokoladen, Berlin

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You gotta see them live….

BMW and K2 Imageclip featuring music from Pari Pari

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Klaus B. Wolf in a Mayolove Film // comissioned by Millhaus // produced by Blankpaper Studio
Music by Pari Pari // Camera by Lorenz Weissfuss // Concept and Screenplay by Mayolove
Directed by Mayolove

© 2012 for BMW and K2

Pari Pari «L’état c’est moi»

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The brand new music video by Pari Pari which premiered on Nov 16, 2012 at the 29. Kasseler Dokfest.
Nous sommes trés heureux.

Pari Pari «Badaboum»


On Nov 16, 2012, Mayolove Music brings out Pari Pari’s multimedial debut-EP «Badaboum». Seven tight Pari Pari tracks – containing club hits like «Voulez vous dancez avec moi?» or the better Marseillaise «Vivre la France». As an Amuse Geule Pari Pari also serves three crazy music videos. All those who finally stick to LeBon‘s lips while skimming through the chic booklet, will proclaim triumphantly: «Mon Dieu, c’est magnifique.»

“Pari Pari” Music Video

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WOSIMSKI – “Deja” Music Video

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“Deja” is taken from the album “Could Be Anywhere”. The video was directed by Timo Ohler whose work has been staging incidentality in a fascinating way and is therefor referring directly to the song.

AMOS – unplugged at Beatlemania Hamburg, Sep 17, 2011

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AMOS and Band playing songs from the album Showtime unplugged at the Beatlemania in Hamburg. The concert took place on Sep 17th, 2011 in the course of the greatest AMOS Showtime exhibition to date that was organised by Gregor Samsa from Sounds of Subterrania. More than 200 covers had been displayed from Sep 17th through Dec 31st. Filmed by Tobias Knipf.

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COLUMBUS – live at Blumenbar
Mar 23rd, 2011

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Here is a bunch of COLUMBUS live videos made on Mar 23rd, 2011 in Munich’s Blumenbar.
The concert was part of the monthly event Ambiente initiated by Bartellow.
Among them you find tracks of their upcoming album to be released on Mayolove Music.
Thanks to Doro and Matthäus for shooting.

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MAYOLOVE Music presents the new music video FILM from WOSIMSKI.
Almost 80 handpicked spectators have filmed the performance of WOSIMSKI with their mobile phones – resulting in as many perspectives that provide the video with a distinct and overwhelming visual force.

Contentually, the clip is referring to the audiovisual approach of the artist. His album Could Be Anywhere can be considered as a soundtrack for an imaginary film that the listener has to find his own images for.


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The Trashkids recording their first and only album “05651″ after 20 years of band history.
Filmed with their mobile phones.


A carefree day on a paradise island. Cocktails, ice cream and fruits of all kinds, as far as the eye can see. No stress, no obligations, just heavenly holiday. This invites to a boogie of joy. It couldn’t be more spectacular, as suddenly mysterious things happen. Is the nearby Bermuda Triangle responsible for the unexplained phenomena? The heroine turns to higher powers to ask for help. Can she manage to knock this mysterious incident on the head? What’s the cause for all this hustle and bustle?



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WOSIMSKI performing his song “Now” live on afk TV. “Now” is taken from the album “Transfeeling”. Coming Sept, 2011 on Mayolove Music.

Blumenbar München

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COLUMBUS live (Mayolove Music, Estrela)
Mike Burns DJ Set (Disco Devil, Kojak Giant Sounds, Vienna)
Bartellow (Estrela)

25.03.11 Blumenbar, Munich

Rockberries TV Ad
featuring COLUMBUS’ Hubble

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We are proud to announce that german-based high-class jewelry platform chose COLUMBUS’ upcoming single “Hubble” for their new TV Ad which is currently rotating in German television. The single will be released on June, 10 2011. The Clip was produced by Mayolove.

COLUMBUS – Love Machine
Music Video

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An evil media demon is attacking the jungle planet where the shaman leader is deadly wounded. The only chance to free mankind from this menace is playing the secret tune of love at the sacred synth tempel.

The music video for Columbus’ debut single Lovemachine was produced by The Crystal Beach. Starring Sarah Keller as Miss Universe, Amos as the Shaman and Bartellow as the Media Demon. The song is taken from Columbus’ debut EP Lovemachine (May 2010 on Estrela)

at Elli Disco, Munich

COLUMBUS performed on 27th of May 2010 in the Elli Disco Munich. Thanks to Doro and Matthäus for shooting and to Alex Dückminor ( for the post-production of the clip. The brass combo was Ferdinand Settele, Florian Brandner, Martin Seiler, Franz Ose.

AMOS “Bla Bla” – Music Video

The official music video for AMOS “Bla Bla”.
The video features german actress Julia Dietze.

cast: Julia Dietze, Amos, Alina Grasmann, Hamansutra, Bartellow
director: Tobias Knipf
artist: AMOS – The Imperator of Pop >
title: Bla Bla
album: AMOS Clubmixes 08 feat. Bartellow
label: Sounds of Subterrania
production: Mayolove /
year: 2008

AMOS – City Kill
Music Video

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City Kill is the title track of the action blockbuster “City Kill – Rechnung in Blei”. New York City in the 1980s controlled by the drug lord Raoul Vasquez. Amos escorts the two cunning cops Ronny and Barry on their mission to save the city – and in the end – to cause even more chaos.

Produced by Mayolove.