A carefree day on a paradise island. Cocktails, ice cream and fruits of all kinds, as far as the eye can see. No stress, no obligations, just heavenly holiday. This invites to a boogie of joy. It couldn’t be more spectacular, as suddenly mysterious things happen. Is the nearby Bermuda Triangle responsible for the unexplained phenomena? The heroine turns to higher powers to ask for help. Can she manage to knock this mysterious incident on the head? What’s the cause for all this hustle and bustle?


COLUMBUS – Love Machine
Music Video

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An evil media demon is attacking the jungle planet where the shaman leader is deadly wounded. The only chance to free mankind from this menace is playing the secret tune of love at the sacred synth tempel.

The music video for Columbus’ debut single Lovemachine was produced by The Crystal Beach. Starring Sarah Keller as Miss Universe, Amos as the Shaman and Bartellow as the Media Demon. The song is taken from Columbus’ debut EP Lovemachine (May 2010 on Estrela)

at Elli Disco, Munich

COLUMBUS performed on 27th of May 2010 in the Elli Disco Munich. Thanks to Doro and Matthäus for shooting and to Alex Dückminor ( for the post-production of the clip. The brass combo was Ferdinand Settele, Florian Brandner, Martin Seiler, Franz Ose.