Pari Pari «Obsession»

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The new video by the french garage poppers Pari Pari that jumps over the fine line between love and “Obsession” before it becomes an insuperable crevasse.

The smart singer LeBon gets wankered in a cheap gin palace. Letting himself being carried away by the euphemistic wave of alcohol to his corybantic world of phantasy where the spray of a booming sea of sweat and intrusiveness hits the overstrained bar hottie.

“Obsession” is the second single from the upcoming debut LP “La Grande Nation”.

Pari Pari «Tour de France»

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We present the new video “Tour de France” by the french garage-pop band Pari Pari. Un, deux, trois, quatre, sinq, six, neuf, dix… Down for the count with the tumbling rest of the world! Pari Pari in top form. LeBon, Dominique and Madame TuTu push the boundaries of the possible. Musically, physically, aesthetically.

“Tour de France” is the first stage on their way to the debut-LP “La Grande Nation” coming out on January the 31st, 2014.

Lamosiqa – Pari Pari
acoustic live trilogy

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Zitat La Mosiqa: “Oh là là, c’est magnifique! Mit Pari Pari haben wir wohl eine der außergewöhnlichsten und interessantesten Bands getroffen, seitdem die deutsch-französische Freundschaft besteht. Und so besonders war auch unsere Session mit ihnen!

Pari Pari – live at Schokoladen, Berlin

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You gotta see them live….

“Pari Pari” Music Video

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Pari Pari

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Pari Pari - © 2012 Sven Heine

Élégante. Explosive. International. – Avantgarde. Énergique. Punkrock infernal.
Pari Pari are contagious. With wits, frenzy and hymns that bear the energy of a clarion call. Again and again they chant their paroles like repetitive colours in an ocean of flags. C’est la revolution! Not silent, not violent. No arms but charms. We translate and promise: »Bet, bet…« that they will thrill you. Plus à venir bientôt…


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MAYOLOVE Music presents the new music video FILM from WOSIMSKI.
Almost 80 handpicked spectators have filmed the performance of WOSIMSKI with their mobile phones – resulting in as many perspectives that provide the video with a distinct and overwhelming visual force.

Contentually, the clip is referring to the audiovisual approach of the artist. His album Could Be Anywhere can be considered as a soundtrack for an imaginary film that the listener has to find his own images for.

MM3 – WOSIMSKI – Could Be Anywhere

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MM3 - WOSIMSKI - Could Be Anywhere - ©2012 Mayolove Music

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The Trashkids recording their first and only album “05651″ after 20 years of band history.
Filmed with their mobile phones.

MM2 – Trashkids – 05651

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MM2 Trashkids 05651

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AMOS - © 2010 Dylan Don

Seit 2006 steht Amos für eingängigen Pop und auffälliges Packaging. Aktionen wie “Playback Payback“, bei der man für die Zerstörung seiner Lieblingsplatte ein Amos Album gratis bekam, “MTV is Killing Me“, bei der Amos mit der Promotion für die gleichnamige Single aufmerksamkeitsstark die MTV EMAs flankierte, “XXXmas” eine jährliche Weihnachts-Aktion mit hohem viralen Potential sind genauso originär wie Amos’ Outfits, für die er mit Mode-Designern wie hamansutra oder Miriam Schaaf zusammenarbeitet.

Zuletzt sorgte Amos für hohe Aufmerksamkeit durch die Veröffentlichung seines 2010 erschienenen Rockalbums “Showtime“, das zugleich eine weltweite Kunstaktion war.



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© 1991 Rainer Cziharz

The career of the Trashkids started promising. 1991, within their first year of foundation they became the favourite opening act for the successful punk band “The Bates” that the Trashkids supported through 1994.

1992 they reached the finals of the biggest regional band contest. 1994 they won it. It was rewarded with a gig on the main stage of the renowned festival “Open Flair”. The prize money of 1.500,- DM was never picked up by the boys.