Pari Pari «Obsession»

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The new video by the french garage poppers Pari Pari that jumps over the fine line between love and “Obsession” before it becomes an insuperable crevasse.

The smart singer LeBon gets wankered in a cheap gin palace. Letting himself being carried away by the euphemistic wave of alcohol to his corybantic world of phantasy where the spray of a booming sea of sweat and intrusiveness hits the overstrained bar hottie.

“Obsession” is the second single from the upcoming debut LP “La Grande Nation”.

Pari Pari «Tour de France»

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We present the new video “Tour de France” by the french garage-pop band Pari Pari. Un, deux, trois, quatre, sinq, six, neuf, dix… Down for the count with the tumbling rest of the world! Pari Pari in top form. LeBon, Dominique and Madame TuTu push the boundaries of the possible. Musically, physically, aesthetically.

“Tour de France” is the first stage on their way to the debut-LP “La Grande Nation” coming out on January the 31st, 2014.

Lamosiqa – Pari Pari
acoustic live trilogy

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Zitat La Mosiqa: “Oh là là, c’est magnifique! Mit Pari Pari haben wir wohl eine der außergewöhnlichsten und interessantesten Bands getroffen, seitdem die deutsch-französische Freundschaft besteht. Und so besonders war auch unsere Session mit ihnen!

Pari Pari – live at Schokoladen, Berlin

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You gotta see them live….

BMW and K2 Imageclip featuring music from Pari Pari

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Klaus B. Wolf in a Mayolove Film // comissioned by Millhaus // produced by Blankpaper Studio
Music by Pari Pari // Camera by Lorenz Weissfuss // Concept and Screenplay by Mayolove
Directed by Mayolove

© 2012 for BMW and K2

Pari Pari «L’état c’est moi»

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The brand new music video by Pari Pari which premiered on Nov 16, 2012 at the 29. Kasseler Dokfest.
Nous sommes trés heureux.

MM6 – Pari Pari – Badaboum EP

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MM6 - PariPari Badaboum Cover

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„La mèche est allumée et nous aussi mon frère.“
(„The fuse is burning and we are too, my friend.“)

This is the opening line of Badaboum – the debut-EP of the francophile garage rock band Pari Pari. And there is no doubt about it. Le Bon, Dominique and Madame TuTu are glowing, burning, bursting. They are contagious. With charmes, frenzy and disarming irony. When those three say oui then they men… not non.