COLUMBUS live – Feb 02
Strom Munich

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COLUMBUS live - Strom Munich - Feb 02 '13 - Artwork by Helmut Klinger

Moderndisco presents Columbus live on Feb 02, 2013 in Munich’s new night club Strøm as part of a great lineup.
We’re looking forward to seeing you there.

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Dec 14, 2012 – Columbus live
at Kunstverein Munich

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COLUMBUS - 14.12.2012 - Kunstverein München

On Friday Dec 14, 2012 Columbus play live at the “Last call to utter chaos!” event in the Kunstverein Munich.
Starting at 9 p.m. in the Galeriestrasse 4.

Featuring Flamingo Gang (DJ Set) and
an Utopie2000 installation

SVS 1 – Record Release Show
31 Oct – KONG Munich

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SVS 1 - Record Release Party - 31 Oct 2012 - KONG, Munich

T O M 2 K – When we dip, Munich

Z A Q U O I R – Leipzig, live

S A N Q U E N T I N – Downstairs, Ambiente, Munich

B A R T E L L O W – Pollyester, Columbus, Munich

L E S H O Z – Munich, Nantes

H A R R Y J E N – LINZ, Firway Rec, live

A N D A L O G & F L O – Innsbruck, live

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COLUMBUS Live – May 10th
MaximiliansForum Munich

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© 2012 - Yves Krier - COLUMBUS - MaxForum
© 2012 Yves Krier - COLUMBUS - MaximiliansForum

It was a pleasure for COLUMUS playing at the finissage of the great fashion event that had been presenting the labels SCHAAF and Le Chateau en Couleur for more than one week in the MaximilianForum in Munich. The location was impressing and COLUMBUS’ little set of new songs was warmly welcome by their audience. This gives us great confidence for their upcoming album – which takes a little longer than expected – but it will be worth waiting for. Photos by Yves Krier.

COLUMBUS – live at Blumenbar
Mar 23rd, 2011

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Here is a bunch of COLUMBUS live videos made on Mar 23rd, 2011 in Munich’s Blumenbar.
The concert was part of the monthly event Ambiente initiated by Bartellow.
Among them you find tracks of their upcoming album to be released on Mayolove Music.
Thanks to Doro and Matthäus for shooting.

Click “more” to watch all!



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COLUMBUS - © 2010 Patrick Löffler

Munich-based electro act COLUMBUS creates electronic music with a symphonical approach and classical song structures – danceable with neofuturistic style. This distinctive combination results from the different musical backgrounds of the two band members.

Bartellow is a classically educated composer working as producer, jazz guitarist and arranger for labels and acts such as Gomma, Permanent Vacation, Universal, Violetta Parisini, Pollyester and more. AMOS is known for his writing and producing accessible pop tunes as well as the awarded combination of music and design.


COLUMBUS live – 19.11.11
Record Pre-Release Party
Kong, Munich

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@ 2011 COLUMBUS live - KONG Munich

Visit COLUMBUS’ Record Pre-Release Party. Their single “Schwarzes Gold” will be available from Dec, 2nd – and exclusively on the party in Munich’s hot venue KONG.

Special Guests: IN FLAGRANTI (Codek, NYC)


A carefree day on a paradise island. Cocktails, ice cream and fruits of all kinds, as far as the eye can see. No stress, no obligations, just heavenly holiday. This invites to a boogie of joy. It couldn’t be more spectacular, as suddenly mysterious things happen. Is the nearby Bermuda Triangle responsible for the unexplained phenomena? The heroine turns to higher powers to ask for help. Can she manage to knock this mysterious incident on the head? What’s the cause for all this hustle and bustle?


Blumenbar München

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COLUMBUS live (Mayolove Music, Estrela)
Mike Burns DJ Set (Disco Devil, Kojak Giant Sounds, Vienna)
Bartellow (Estrela)

25.03.11 Blumenbar, Munich

at Elli Disco, Munich

COLUMBUS performed on 27th of May 2010 in the Elli Disco Munich. Thanks to Doro and Matthäus for shooting and to Alex Dückminor ( for the post-production of the clip. The brass combo was Ferdinand Settele, Florian Brandner, Martin Seiler, Franz Ose.

AMOS “Bla Bla” – Music Video

The official music video for AMOS “Bla Bla”.
The video features german actress Julia Dietze.

cast: Julia Dietze, Amos, Alina Grasmann, Hamansutra, Bartellow
director: Tobias Knipf
artist: AMOS – The Imperator of Pop >
title: Bla Bla
album: AMOS Clubmixes 08 feat. Bartellow
label: Sounds of Subterrania
production: Mayolove /
year: 2008


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AMOS - © 2010 Dylan Don

Seit 2006 steht Amos für eingängigen Pop und auffälliges Packaging. Aktionen wie “Playback Payback“, bei der man für die Zerstörung seiner Lieblingsplatte ein Amos Album gratis bekam, “MTV is Killing Me“, bei der Amos mit der Promotion für die gleichnamige Single aufmerksamkeitsstark die MTV EMAs flankierte, “XXXmas” eine jährliche Weihnachts-Aktion mit hohem viralen Potential sind genauso originär wie Amos’ Outfits, für die er mit Mode-Designern wie hamansutra oder Miriam Schaaf zusammenarbeitet.

Zuletzt sorgte Amos für hohe Aufmerksamkeit durch die Veröffentlichung seines 2010 erschienenen Rockalbums “Showtime“, das zugleich eine weltweite Kunstaktion war.