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MAYOLOVE Music presents the new music video FILM from WOSIMSKI.
Almost 80 handpicked spectators have filmed the performance of WOSIMSKI with their mobile phones – resulting in as many perspectives that provide the video with a distinct and overwhelming visual force.

Contentually, the clip is referring to the audiovisual approach of the artist. His album Could Be Anywhere can be considered as a soundtrack for an imaginary film that the listener has to find his own images for.

Director – Amir Sufi
Light & SFX - PJM Lichtgestaltung
Concept, Production, Editing – MAYOLOVE
Fashion - SCHAAF
Hair & Makeup - Christina Nemetz
Live Drums - Paul Wrettom
Support – Julia Meyn, Martin Raab, Vinh Kip Thang, Tobias Knipf, Yves Krier, Michael Münch, Markus Seer, Daniel v. Mitschke, Boris Benedek, Felix Gass
Sponsor – Pilsner Urquell