SVS002 – Polyrhythmic Series #2

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SVS002 - Polyrhythmic Series #2

We are proud to present the second release of our sublabel SVS-Records. The EP goes by the name of “Polyrhythmic Series #2″ and – as the name implies – is the second part of a consecutive trilogy.

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SVS (Selbstversorgersound) is an annual “music production bootcamp” set up by Beni Brachtel aka Bartellow in 2007. His goal is to bring different artists together, woo them out of their comfort zone and confront them with a primal lifestyle far away from their familiar periphery. Meanwhile SVS has become a perfect platform for an intensive social and creative interchange. While „SVS 1“ – the first official collection was still released by our mothership Mayolove Music – all upcoming productions will be the affair of SVS-Records that is focussing more narrowly on electronic music.