MM6 – Pari Pari – Badaboum EP

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MM6 - PariPari Badaboum Cover

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„La mèche est allumée et nous aussi mon frère.“
(„The fuse is burning and we are too, my friend.“)

This is the opening line of Badaboum – the debut-EP of the francophile garage rock band Pari Pari. And there is no doubt about it. Le Bon, Dominique and Madame TuTu are glowing, burning, bursting. They are contagious. With charmes, frenzy and disarming irony. When those three say oui then they men… not non.

The future will be theirs – with chansons made in the façon of a Jac- ques Brel and with a timbre that brings back the best days of punk rock: unadorned and hand-made. Influences of today find themselves in a sizzling mélange about to blow up with a deafening Badaboum! carving out it‘s place somewhere between The Hives and Bonaparte – while Pari Pari play the french tongue as ingenously and expressively as a fourth instrument.

But Pari Pari is far more than fits into our ears: A clenched fist of avantgarde, glistening radiance within the magentism of three different characters. All those who had the luck to witness the band playing live understand what all those who have watched their videos already know.

For the rest, Munich-based label Mayolove Music (Rough Trade) brings out the multimedial debut-EP Badaboum on November 16, 2012. Se- ven tight Pari Pari tracks – containing club hits like Voulez vous dancez avec moi? or the better Marseillaise Vivre la France. As an Amuse Geule Pari Pari also serves three crazy music videos. All those who finally stick to LeBon‘s lips while skimming through the chic booklet, will proclaim triumphantly:

„Mon Dieu, c’est magnifique.“