MM4 – COLUMBUS – Schwarzes Gold

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© 2011 - MM4 COLUMBUS - Schwarzes Gold

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Munich-based producer duo COLUMBUS introduce their new single „Schwarzes Gold“. The record will be released as Mp3 and vinyl on December 2nd, 2011 on the label Mayolove Music, distributed by Rough Trade.

Including remixes by Alkalino (Estimativa | Audaz), Sacco Vanzetti Duo (Estrela) and the B-Side „Passion“.

„Schwarzes Gold“ was written in 2010 and was inspired by the incident in the gulf of Mexico. When Deepwater Horizon sank – making way for the greatest oil spill disaster in history, a clash between technological destructiveness and the vulnerability of the environment became evident. Ahead! Even if it‘s leading us into the abyss – on a fine line between the promise of profit and the disproportionate human self-esteem.

COLUMBUS is translating their mixed emotions of curiosity, schadenfreude, impotence and grief into sound that is „deeper than the sea and as deep as the chasm of the human soul“. The result is a dark, full of suspense and faltering comment put into the shape of a dancetrack.

The Sacco Vanzetti Duo is interpreting the song delivering a straight and gaplessly pumping club track. The remix made by Alkalino is featuring the fragmentation of the original.

The B-Side of the record – the instrumental „Passion“ – refers to the deepness of the A-track – by means of smooth chords and some heavy mechanical rhythm. Yet, it‘s basic atmosphere shows an intentional contrast and the positive impact discorelated music can have on the dancer.

COLUMBUS is tying in with their own „Neo-Munich-Disco“-roots and at the same time underlines a musical bandwidth that may be taken as a promise for their upcoming album in 2012.