MM2 – Trashkids – 05651

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MM2 Trashkids 05651

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20 Years, 15 Songs, 1 Album

It took the Trashkids no less than two decades to bring out their first longplayer. No wonder it has become a “Best Of” compilation, bearing the name “05651″ – the pre-dial of their common hometown Eschwege in Germany.

The album was initialized by Martin Bartscher, producer and drummer of the band Bitune. The self-confessed “Super-Fan” wanted to conserve his worn down Trashkids demotape by inviting the guys to his studio – providing the identical conditions as on the original recording – except for the digital capturing, of course.

When more and more unreleased material came to light, the album was perfect. 15 songs – composed at the age of 15 to 35 years – were produced within only five days in April 2011.

Unadorned first-takes and no application of sound cosmetics could awake the spirit of the old days. The four grown-ups sound like teenagers and the different songs of a piece.

This album is not modern nor progressive. On the contrary it cultivates the retrospective and reflects – above all – what kept the guys going: the passion for music and a genuine friendship.

That’s why songs like “Friends”, “05651″ (an ode to the hometown) or “The Bands” (reminiscing about forgotton fellow bands) inevitably resonate a bittersweet melancholy that makes this naive punkrock album far more than your ears can hear.

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Aug 12, 2011