A carefree day on a paradise island. Cocktails, ice cream and fruits of all kinds, as far as the eye can see. No stress, no obligations, just heavenly holiday. This invites to a boogie of joy. It couldn’t be more spectacular, as suddenly mysterious things happen. Is the nearby Bermuda Triangle responsible for the unexplained phenomena? The heroine turns to higher powers to ask for help. Can she manage to knock this mysterious incident on the head? What’s the cause for all this hustle and bustle?

This music video is a psychedelic take on tropical mysticism, 90s dance videos with cheap 3D graphics and an occult fruit sect that worships the freshness of the summer. It’s a tribute to the sun and all the fun a paradise island has to offer. The story of Hubble is set in the early 90s, somewhere near the Bermuda Triangle, where a beautiful girl is in possession of a cassette tape with mysterious powers. As she fools around at the beach, one little inattention starts to cause an avalanche of metaphysical wizardry and spiritual desire. The girl is in serious danger! Will she escape from the evil hypnotic forces?

Direction & Production: The Crystal Beach
Art Direction & Design: Alexander Dueckminor
Editing: Amir Sufi
Cast: Vanessa Chromik, Franz Glahn
Hair & Make-up: Alexandra Waldher
Robes: Claudia Irro
Music: Columbus – Hubble /
Commissioned by: Mayolove Music /