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© 1991 Rainer Cziharz

The career of the Trashkids started promising. 1991, within their first year of foundation they became the favourite opening act for the successful punk band “The Bates” that the Trashkids supported through 1994.

1992 they reached the finals of the biggest regional band contest. 1994 they won it. It was rewarded with a gig on the main stage of the renowned festival “Open Flair”. The prize money of 1.500,- DM was never picked up by the boys.

Record companies showed legitimate interest every once in a while. Still, beside a couple of homemade 4-track recordings, the Trashkids have never released any songs to date.

A five years intermission followed 1996 when three of the band members moved away. Amir focused on his project “Amos”, Jan founded the bands “500 PS” and “Schneckmann”, Markus played in bands called “Skål” and “Radio” and Sascha lay the bass playing off.

It wasn’t until 2001 when celebrating a 10 year jubilee that the kids started their second spring that is now blooming with “05651″ – their first ever album in 20 years.