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COLUMBUS - © 2010 Patrick Löffler

Munich-based electro act COLUMBUS creates electronic music with a symphonical approach and classical song structures – danceable with neofuturistic style. This distinctive combination results from the different musical backgrounds of the two band members.

Bartellow is a classically educated composer working as producer, jazz guitarist and arranger for labels and acts such as Gomma, Permanent Vacation, Universal, Violetta Parisini, Pollyester and more. AMOS is known for his writing and producing accessible pop tunes as well as the awarded combination of music and design.

The music of COLUMBUS combines complex song arrangements and club aptitude. All tracks are constructed dramaturgically, some of them bearing a strong soundtrack appeal. COLUMBUS distinctive sound results from the usage of analogue synthesizers from the 70‘s, 80‘s and 90‘s.

AMOS and Bartellow have been co-operating since 2007 – starting with the production of the remix album „AMOS Clubmixes 2008“. This record was the trailblazer for their common musical delvelopment.

Their EP „Love Machine“ – released in 2010 on the Austrian label Estrela – was a successful debut for COLUMBUS that skillfully bridges their high musical standards with accessible popular music. Their songs were rewarded with excellent press reviews.

The video for the title track „Love Machine“ was produced by animation studio The Crystal Beach and was featured by numerous music, video, lifestyle and fashion blogs worldwide.

In June 2011 COLUMBUS released their single „Hubble“ on Mayolove Music. In the prefield, the song had already experienced nationwide publicity by means of the prominent insertion in a TV ad of online jeweller Rockberries besides numerous rotations on air. Ajello (Relish, Gomma, Demo-Disc, Codek Records), In Flagranti (Codek Records) and Pyjamas (Estrela) delivered remixes and club appeal. The related music clip was again realized by The Crystal Beach.

On December 2nd, 2011 COLUMBUS‘ new single „Schwarzes Gold“ will be released on Mayolove Music containing remixes by Sacco Vanzetti Duo (Estrela) and Alkalino (Estimativa | Audaz).

The album is already in progress and expected for spring 2012.

2011: Single „Schwarzes Gold“ (Mayolove Music)
2011: Single „Hubble“ (Mayolove Music)
2010: EP „Love Machine“ (Estrela)
2008: LP „AMOS Clubmixes“ – AMOS feat. Bartellow (Sounds of Subterrania)